Nelson Cardoso
Opening: March 11th - 18h
Until May 7th


Opening: may 13th - 18h
Until june 18th

May Not Load chapter I - friendship

Robert Panda
Opening: February 18th 2017
Installation in Ermida until March 8th 2017
Urban Intervention until August 27th 2017

Pretty Quiet

Pretty Quiet
Cristiana Fernandes
15/04/2017 - 8/05/2017

VICENTE ’17 On the silence of the Crows, Animal Vicente

Opening: September 2nd 2017 - 18h
Artists: Dominik Lejman/ Ermida until October 22nd 2017 and Diogo Machado aka ADD FUEL/ Urban Intervention until April 30th 2018
Performance 19h – Vicente Branco
Curator: Mário Caeiro
Lisboa na Rua

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