Alexandra Corte Real Jewellery

The Jewellery Alexandra Corte-Real is a space  divided in three distinct areas, one dedicated to creation, one of exposition and one of commercialization.

From the very beginning of her path as a jeweller, Alexandra Corte-Real has participated on several occasions in the annual exhibition of Contacto Directo, as well as others national and international shows – i.e. Artistic partnership project with P28 and the Hospital Júlio de Matos consisting in the creation of jewellery with the patients (ongoing); Forno 6X3=18, collective jewellery exhibition, Ceramic Museum, Sacavém (November, 2014); Oficina de Joalharia Alexandra Corte-Real - colective exhibition "Pare, Olhe, Sinta" (September 2012); Municipal Theatre of Funchal “Silver Embroidered Madeira” (2010); FRESS “Welcome” Laboratório #5 (2010); Serralves Museum (2009); Travessa da Ermida “Paralell Lines” with collaboration of Eduardo Nery (2009), “ Princípio” (2008); Manchester (2007); Silves (2005).

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