Vicente'12, Review to believe

André Graça Gomes, MOOV+Miguel Faro
Curator: Mário Caeiro

City culture, urban art

Vicente 2012 brings new ideas to embody the founding myth of the identity of Lisbon. The second edition of this project of urban history and culture includes an intervention at the Travessa do Marta Pinto by architects MOOV in partnership with the artist Miguel Faro, a drawing installation by André Graça Gomes at the Ermida N ª Sr ª da Conceição and a program of walks under the theme of Romanticism, the actors/performers Nelson Guerreiro and João Abel. From September to November 2012, Belém brings into existence one of the most unknown stories of our identity, giving new nuances to the eternal values of VICENTE.
Vicente  –  urban culture project

The project Vicente began in 2011 with a series of original public art installations (Jana Matejkova, Simeon Nelson, João Ribeiro + Carole Purnelle & Nuno Maya), an installation at the Ermida N ª Sr ª da Conceição (Simeon Nelson), a Jewellery project (Alexandra Corte-Real), the publishing of a reference publication on the Myth (José Sarmento Matos, Pedro Gadanho, Nelson Guerreiro, Mário Caeiro, Jana Matejkova, André Banha, João Ribeiro + Carole Purnelle & Nuno Maya, Simeon Nelson, Alexandra Corte-Real) and a program of situationist walks (Nelson Guerreiro and João Abel).

Researching through the wealth of the Vincentian myth, following up in 2012 to Vicente is a commitment to continuity and success of the urban and cultural concept which gave the Lisbon Ravens and the Myth of Saint Vincent new colours and contemporary meanings. The project proposes a creative and entrepreneurial of the city’s imagination, under the motto Reviewing is believing... the myth is never black and white.

In 2012, the participating artists – MOOV and Miguel Faro in the public space, André Graça Gomes in the former Chapel, Alexandra Corte-Real in the Jewellery shop and Nelson Guerreiro & João Abel on the walks – make art into a game of unusual transfigurations. Able to express their imagination using the most perishable and common materials, but always with a sense of scale and communication with the public, these creators will meet the principles of the Project Travessa da Ermida: showing Belém and Lisbon with a new set of eyes; while, at the same time, rising on the wings of Vicente, we catch a glimpse of utopia on the horizon.

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