VICENTE'13 Said and redone!

Régis Perray, Xana
Curator: Mário Caeiro


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The Project Travessa da Ermida, with the collaboration of EGEAC, Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Turismo de Lisboa e Institut Français du Portugal, promotes, between the 7th September and 10th November, a new edition of the art and urban culture initiative Vicente, being the exhibition integrated in Lisboa na Rua/ Com’out Lisbon program.

Celebrating the Saint Vincent’s imaginary throughout urban art interventions, installations, performances, conversations with the artists and oriented walks; this cultural and innovating action is developed in Belém, in the Travessa do Marta Pinto.

Since its first presentation, in 2011, the Project Travessa da Ermida, invites various artists to participate in this annual urban culture project, Vicente, to which, they interpret, through their art, the Saint Vincent’s myth, whose relics arrived to Lisbon in 1173, transferred from Sagres in a boat guarded by two crows, immortalized since then, in the heraldic city of Lisbon and in the collective memory of Lisbon’s inhabitants.

This year’s edition of Vicente has its opening the 7th September with an exhibition in the Ermida Nª Srª da Conceição by the French artist, Régis Perray, that will present the installation “La decouverte du Portugal”, in its interior. On the outside, throughout the Travessa do Marta Pinto, the Portuguese artist Xana will present the intervention “Amor libera lux”. The exhibition will remain until the 10th November.

The opening day, will be launched the third and last fraction of the edition Vicente, entitled “Vicente’13, Said and redone!”. This folio has the graphic participation of the artists Xana and Régis Perray, texts by Silvina Rodrigues Lopes, Carlos Lampreia, Rosa Alice Branco, Carlos Coelho, Nelson Guerreiro and Mário Caeiro; and illustrations of João Fonte Santa and João Pombeiro.

Continuing the last editions, Vicente’13, extends its cultural program to the Walks around the corners and myths of Lisbon, oriented by João Abel (actor) and Nelson Guerreiro (the texts author). This “Walks with Myths” will take place the 22nd and 28th September and 5th October, starting at 16h in the Ermida Nª Srª da Conceição.

The 3rd September, at the Institut Français du Portugal, will take place, as part of the program, and as presentation of this year’s edition of Vicente, a debate, at 19h, entitled “From art as path and arrival” with the artists Xana and Régis Perray.

The Vicente cultural actions are all free being only necessary the previous inscription, 24h in advance to each one of them.

Credits vicente 2013

Promoting entity Projecto Travessa da Ermida · Project direction Eduardo Fernandes Production manager Fábia Fernandes · Equipment and Set Up José Vaz Fernandes · Concept and curatorship Mário Caeiro Design Rosa Quitério and Francisca Monteiro / Palavrão (Folio Vicente‘13 – Said and Redone); Cordel Colectivo / Palavrão (Folio Vicente’12– Review to believe...); Silvadesigners (Book Vicente – Ressonâncias de um Mito) · Artists Régis Perray, Xana · Folio Authors Vicente’13 Silvina Rodrigues Lopes, João Fonte Santa, Régis Perray, Carlos Lampreia, Rosa Alice Branco, João Pombeiro, Carlos Coelho, Xana, Nelson Guerreiro, José Eduardo Rocha, Mário Caeiro · Walks with Myths Nelson Guerreiro and João Abel · Video Vicente’13 Rui Cruz and Roberto Amado Dias · Support Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, EGEAC, Turismo de Lisboa, Institut Français du Portugal, Enoteca de Belém, Herdade dos Outeiros Altos

Opening and Fólio launching:

7th September 2013 – 18h
Until 3rd November 2013

Walks with myths

Nelson Guerreiro, João Abel
Free entrance  - booking until 24h before  
(+351 213 637 700)
Beginning Ermida Nª Srª da Conceição

22nd September - Sunday - 16h
28th September - Saturday - 16h
5th October - Saturday - 16h

Ermida de Belem

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