Vicente '16, The game of glory (or the Life in the optic of the user)

Curator: Mário Caeiro | Artists: Rochus Aust (Ermida) and Miguel Januário (Street) | Opening: September 10th 2016 - 18H | Until October 30th 2016 in Ermida | Until January 30th 2017 in the street

- Concert Rochus Aust + I Deutsches Stromorchester 19h – September 10th
- Pedro Santa Rita – Thematic Visit/ Walk beginning at Travessa da Ermida – September 17th – 15:00 - Booking accepted until 24h before
- Finissage –  October 29th – 15:00

Digital book

Mário Caeiro, curator

The edition of 2016 of Project VICENTE is dedicated to the ludic and creative principle that is behind a citizenship informed by imagination. If at another time the deacon Vicente had a life, and after it a glorious posterity, we today have our own life (in Portuguese we say each one of us plays with its own…), in a cultural and technological context which continuously brings along new possibilities- of action, as multiplied by networks, or for instance through the successive "many lives" which pullulate in our luminous smart phones… Well, in this new ways if being, more complex than ever in its (stipulated and nonstipulated) rules), either we are in the game… or not. For it is not enough to know the rules, what would be halfway to access all Earthly glories. Maybe it is not less wise to understand more about who stipulates them in order to choose the ones we voluntarily might want to be submitted to. This is what citizenship is all about: such being in the game, participating in the social, cultural, urban device. And in this device, the supreme game is - still - art. Therefore art and its play have to be part of the city and are important to change the rules of culture. In the greater game which art is, we are getting to know life better and learning how to live it... in the optics of the user.  


Miguel Januário (1981) Portugal. Self-proclaimed activist, he graduated in Communication Design (FBAUP) and has been sincea successful graffiti and street art. ± (Mais Menos/Plus Minus) is his most visible trademark and is through this identity that he claims for a more participatory public realm, frequently by means of text-based interventions in the urban landscape.

Rochus Aust (1968), Germany. Music studies at Trossingen Music College and at the Royal College of Music, London. Award winner at international competitions as trumpeter, composer and visual artist.Scholarships from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and the MärkischenKulturkonferenz, amongst others. Concert tours in over 30 countries with productions and recordings for more than 70 radio/television stations and labels. His current coordinates are the interface of visual concerts, MOV installations and poésie eléctronique. Rochus Aust is the founder and artistic director of RE-LOAD FUTURA and the 1st GERMAN ELECTROPHONIC ORCHESTRA (1. DEUTSCHES STROMORCHESTER).


Vicente, yesterday, today and tomorrow
Fábia Fernandes, Travessa da Ermida

The patron of Lisbon and the ravens which guarded him on the way here are forgotten, remembers one day, in a trivial conversation in the Enoteca de Belém, Eduardo Fernandes, director of the project Travessa da Ermida. That way the voyage of Saint Vincent until the present of his city and the world has started. Mário Caeiro accepted the challenge of interpreting him in his various fronts and transformed it in the Project VICENTE, about the Vincent myth, person and being of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Vicente has been lived, relived, written, rewritten, interpreted, reinterpreted, metamorphosed, expounded and transformed.  This timeless Vicente has been adapted by artists from around the world - English, Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Estonian, German. Since 2011, Vicente stands for sculpture, urban interventions, video, installations, jewels, fiction, walks, an opera, books and now, in 2016, Life as a game, in the optic of the user. Vicente, as stated by Mário Caeiro d'après Pessoa, is the everything which is nothing and therefore has returned this time to stay, not only remembered and recalled but agitating himself to assume a new and contemporary character. Vicente is himself, but above all is all of us, is Lisbon, is Lisboner, is citizen of the world, is mythical public space, is reality, is lie and is truth, is departure, is arrival, is what we wish him to be, is what he wants to become!


Artists: Rochus Aust, Miguel Januário |  Thematic visit/Walk: Pedro Santa Rita | Curator: Mário Caeiro | Director: Eduardo Fernandes | Project Manager: Fábia Fernandes | Setting: Madalena éme | Book -Authors: Herlander Elias, José Moura, Pedro Teixeira da Mota, Mário Caeiro, Nelson Zagalo, Nelson Guerreiro, Pedro Picoito, Rui Matoso, Filipe Garcia (Artistic Project), João R. Ferreira (graphic Project) | Artists: Miguel Januário, Rochus Aust | Graphic Design: Paulo Condez | Support: EGEAC, Goethe Institut,Junta de Freguesia de Belém,  Enoteca de Belém Wine + Art Catering, Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, Kunststiftung NRW

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