Ecrã Inteiro

Caetano de Oliveira
A Porta 11 da Travessa da Ermida
Curator: Madalena éme

Caetano de Oliveira thinks painting in a portable way not having a permanent place, in fact the opposite to a wall cover because this last one implies a fix character. In this intervention we stand before a painting repeating a model of a wall ceramic cover (the bevelled tile), represented with another covering (the ink). The painting industrial look is contrary to the reality of the exclusively manual process that shall be looked into questioning the unique and reproducible.

Caetano de Oliveira is a visual artist and has his own work atelier. Graduated in Visual Arts by ESAD in 2014. With Inês Diana Salgado, Master in ceramics, he has perfected and developed his knowledge in this area. His first individual exhibition was presented in October 2016 in
MU.SA, Sintra, Portugal.

A Porta 11 da Travessa da Ermida
Curator: Madalena éme

This initiative intends to be a way of contemplating Art 24/7 far away from the chaos and the instant and light consumption of culture at the 11th of Travessa do Marta Pinto aiming to interact with the ones passing by and experiencing this little alley in Belém. The Project A Porta 11 da Travessa da Ermida has the intention of exhibiting artworks that can be seen at any time challenging the artists to explore an apparently bi-dimensional space. This new “public element” will cover multiple art fields such as Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Illustration, Graffiti, Video, Photography and Drawing, throughout a monthly appropriation made by a different artist.

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